Built on our powerful cloud platform we  provide an end-to-end solution for managing your Merger and Acquisition strategy.

The solution covers all stages of the process and includes pre-built templates with best practices from experienced professionals, step-by-step guides and on-demand consulting services to help you when needed.

Our solution is designed to help you in maximizing the value capture while minimizing distractions to the core business.


Features & Benefits:

  • Customizable playbook and checklists to jump start your M&A initiatives.
  • Action, dependency and issue management
  • Task automation, auto follow-up and escalation
  • One-click access to supporting information throughout the solution.
  • Simple notice and consent management, with a variety of options to ensure legal obligations are covered and communicated.
  • Dynamic workgroup setup to support internal and external stakeholders during integration process
  • Smooth transition from PMO to various owners
  • Complete audit trail reporting with change history
  • On-demand access to domain experts for topic specific guidance and support


Plan and capture your M&A strategy. Enable management team, board of directors, and investors to get on the same page with synergy expectations.


Scan market to identify matching candidate and perform initial screening. Manage the parallel flows in a seamless process.


Manage your entire due diligence, valuation, and closing process with an easy to use system. Prevent oversights and overhead of tracking.


Use predefined checklists and customizable action plans. Keep realtime visibility into your 100 days integration plan and beyond.

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