Your complete solution for inorganic growth

Using proven methodologies, our solution is designed to provide what you need to explore, kickstart and manage your inorganic growth initiatives, while adapting to the unique situation of your company. 

With a highly secure and customizable cloud platform, our software provides the tools for planning, collaboration, decision making, tracking and reporting to help you apply the best practices in all stages of the process.

Access to on-demand services allows you to start right away and move at your own pace, while filling the gaps in composition of the in-house expertise and resources.

Be it a one time, multiple or recurring initiative, with a dedicated in-house team or not, Synrgix offers you what you need to get results in your acquisition, joint venture and investment strategies.

Strategy Planning

Plan and capture your inorganic growth strategy; alliance, joint venture, merger and acquisition, or divestiture.  Enable the management team, board of directors, and investors to get on the same page with respect to major decisions and synergy expectations.

Target Sourcing

Receive and manage targets, pre-scored against your strategy, and perform multi-stage pipeline screening, analysis and evaluation.

Due diligence and closing

Easily manage your entire due diligence, negotiation, and closing process with customizable playbooks.  Prevent oversight, mi-communication and tracking overhead.

Integration and tracking

Seamlessly turn your due diligence finding into action plans.  Keep real-time visibility into your integration plan, value delivery, earn outs and beyond.